Single Application Process

Single Application Process This is a project I worked on for Cru, my full-time employer. The process to apply for a job or internship used to be disjointed and decentralized. We unified the process for both applicants


CoPrayers CoPrayers was a pet project of my own. Over an eleven month period I did all the UX, design and development work. I learned Ruby on Rails as I went along. The basic premise is

News Reader Mock Up

News Reader It seems like every design portfolio has an article reader, here’s my Android version. I chose a very dark grey primary interface color for two reasons. First, it would help the colors in the

Jailer App

Jailer App The Jailer app is a study in Material Design. I came up with the idea after reading a news article about a prison escape. It was a fun exercise to think through what

Test Twice, Code Once

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once”. It brings to my mind images of carpenters building a house and taking a few extra moments to double check their measurement before they waste

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